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Want to know the real secret of beautiful skin?

Dec 22, 2014

Want To Know The Real Secret of Beautiful Skin

Advanced Skin Analysis gives you valuable information that will help you listen and understand your skin day-to-day.  For example, buying skin care products can be confusing, and without knowing how they’ll affect your skin it can be a real gamble. Skin Analysis will help us provide an in-depth report of your skin and so you can learn how to take better care of your skin in the future, potentially saving hundreds of pounds on unsuitable or ineffective products.

How does the Advanced Skin Analysis, Mini Facial & Mineral Makeover work?

The Skin Health Analysis, Mini Facial & Makeover is made up of 3 elements that reveal different aspects of your skin’s condition and allows you to experience the medical, rejuvenation benefits of using skin care backed by science.

1. UV (Ultra Violet) Imaging and Diagnostics – the only way to see the deep condition of your skin

  • Learn about potential problem areas that may lead to early ageing and other skin     problems
  • Catch underlying sun damage before it becomes fully visible
  • Be able to treat EFA deficiency with Dr Patrick Holford’s nutritional support
  • Re hydrate and rebalance the moisture content in the skin.
  • Eradicate dead, dry, dull skin cells lying dormant on the skin,


 pH Balance Measurement – because your skin needs to have the correct acid balance (pH) to be healthy

  • Learn how to avoid soaps and skin care products that are too alkaline. Getting the balance right will:
    • Improve the performance of your skin barrier to help your skin retain its natural moisture
    • Reduce the risk of spots
    • Calm inflamed skin, including eczema

3. Moisture Content Measurement – because optimum hydration should be one of your goals

  • Check your hydration levels at several sites across your face
  • Learn how healthy skin cells attract and retain moisture,  and what to do to ensure optimum hydration.

4. Sensitive Skin. A programme dedicated to those who suffer from over sensitive skin. The hydration sebum and ph are measured. At the end of the analyses the machine gives indications about the types of treatments and the active ingredients most suitable for this skin type.

5. Anti-ageing. Designed to evaluate the most important signs of skin ageing, hydration, sebum, elasticity and pigmentation uniformity are measured..

6. Sun Programme. Developed to give advice on products for sun protection. 

How much does the Advanced Skin Analysis, Mini Facial and Mineral; Make Over cost? £35

We have keep the cost of this treatment to a minimum as to allow every one the opportunity to address s their skin’s needs and re evaluate to how to treat their skin on a daily basis to stop any further damage or decline to their skin health.