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Natural alternative to cosmetic surgery… and non invasive!

Jan 07, 2015

At RENU we offer a new natural alternative to cosmetic surgery which has just been launched in Britain.

Using our Beautytek machine with just 12 treatments can lift breasts by up to five centimetres, flatten stomachs and reshape buttocks and thighs – without the need for invasive surgery.

To find out what’s involved in a typical session, read our step-by-step guide.

Step one: First, your practitioner will ask you to fill in a health questionnaire asking about your diet, how often you exercise, your medical history and about any health problems you may have. After you have completed your questionnaire, you will be asked which part of your body you would like treated.

Step two: Depending on the type of treatment you choose, you will be asked to undress to your underwear.

Step three: Your practitioner will then take photographs of the part of the body you want treated, so you can compare the photographs before and after the treatment.

Step four: Next, you will be asked to lie on a couch and your practitioner will apply a herb-based gel to trigger energy in the solar plexus region – the network of nerves found in our pelvic region. Stimulating this area is said to help open up the body’s meridian or energy system.


Step five: Next the practitioner will pick up an electrode linked to a computer. Your practitioner will give you another electrode to hold in one hand. This creates a circuit between your body, the computer and your practitioner’s electrodes.

Depending on the part of the body being treated, the practitioner will move the electrode along certain acupressure points or muscle tissue. If you’ve opted for a breast lift, the electrode will move along acupressure points found around the waist, breasts, ribs and armpits.

If you’ve chosen a stomach flattening treatment, the probes will sculpt the muscle found at the back, front and sides of the abdomen.

As your practitioner moves the electrode around the part of the body being treated, the computer will analyse your body’s natural electrical current.

Our body has its own electrical current which forms an electro-magnetic field. Results show fatigue, weight problems and skin complaints such as spots or wrinkles are due to inefficient electrical flow in our body.

The computer monitors our electro-magnetic field and if the computer senses that our electrical current is slow, it will deliver very mild electrical pulses to certain acupressure – or energy – points found along the body beneath the skin’s surface.

Step six: After several minutes, the computer will monitor how your body is responding to the treatment and adjust itself accordingly. If the activity in your cells is sluggish, the computer will deliver more pulse waves to the area being treated. If cell activity has increased, it will slow down the amount of pulsating waves delivered.

Apart from breaking down fat, this process encourages blood flow to the area and helps to firm up muscle. The motion is relaxing but the skin can start to tingle.

Step seven: After around 45 minutes, depending on which part of the body is being treated, the session comes to an end and a warm towel is placed on your body to remove any excess gel.

You may notice a need to pass water – this is your lymphatic system working hard to get rid of toxins.

Step eight: After the treatment, your practitioner will take photographs of the results. Makers claim when comparing before and after photographs, you may notice a difference in toning and firming even after one session.

Step nine: Your practitioner will then book your next treatment. For best results, you will need at least 12 sessions with one to two top up treatments each week for at least six weeks.



• The face

Beautytek helps to clear acne by draining infected tissue and helping to reduce inflammation of spots. It’s claimed that this works on a cellular level where mild pulsating waves work to rebalance the body’s energy systems including the endocrine system where hormones are released.

Mild pulsating waves of electricity are delivered to the body through electrodes attached to a computer. This triggers the release of hormones and opens up the lymphatic system – where toxins are encouraged to be eliminated out of the body.

Converts claim the technique can also reduce scarring, eye bags, double chins, wrinkles and stretchmarks by encouraging the production of collagen. Practitioners claim this happens because the treatment boosts blood circulation and hormonal release. This process helps to encourage skin renewal, giving the face a firmer, younger looking appearance.

• The breasts

It can lift some women’s breasts by three centimetres in a single session – and up to five centimetres with just twelve treatments.

• The stomach

Helps to flatten the stomach and some patients claim a drop of up to three dress sizes.

• Buttocks, legs and thighs

Lifts and firms buttocks, legs and thighs resulting in a drop of two trouser sizes.

If you are interested in a free Beautytek analysis which can test the Beautyteks effectiveness on your body then call 0151 668 0345 or email info@renuwirral.com