Wirral Yoga I Yoga Wirral – HIP HIP HOORAY!!!


Aug 18, 2014

We take mobility for granted – always on the move with our computers, mobile phones, music and apps.

But there’s another kind of mobility that is essential to our health and well-being and it only comes from MOVING your body. Sitting for hours at your desk, in the car etc etc – causes your flexibility to wane – particularly in your hips.

To achieve balance in movement and meditation yoga helps to work out the kinks. Asanas like pigeon pose, wheel pose and butterfly pose gently open the hips.
For women it’s particularly important to stretch these areas as the pelvic area is known as the cradle of life and is related to our second chakra. To relax this area everyday helps to gently unlock blocks on creativity and intimacy.
Our hips from a bridge between the upper and lower body balancing father universe and Mother Earth.

Get your hips moving to the power of yoga!!!