Wirral Yoga I Yoga Wirral – 5 Week Beginners Yoga Course

5 Week Beginners Yoga Course

Aug 24, 2018

This 5 week beginners course with Lucy, its the perfect opportunity to find out more about yoga. During the course Lucy will introduce you to the basic standing and seated poses with an emphasis on understanding how your body works, what limits you and how to progress safely.

She encourages you to go beyond what a pose looks like to look within to notice what it feels like for you. The aesthetics of the pose are not important. She will also introduce you to meditation and breathing practice in week 5.

Whether you are looking to ease general aches and pains, wanting to be more flexible, get fitter, find coping strategies for dealing with stress and anxiety or just want to try something new then this course is just right for you.

This course is pre-bookable only and costs £50

We have two courses running, one at each studio. Course start dates are as follows:

Sunday 30th September 2018 at 11am (Heswall)

Monday 1st October 2018 at 7:30pm (Bromborough)

It runs for the following consecutive 5 weeks.

You can book and pay for your place on this course by clicking on the following link