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EVERY CLASS that is in our timetable in a week we will do in 1 day!!!!! 

Our charity day is to raise money for our good friend Dave Bolton Who was diagnosed with cancer in 2014, has undergone 2 brain surgeries and is now embarking on radiation and chemotherapy to fight his tumour (Terry) which is a grade 4 glioblastoma.
Vicky and Dave have been friends for years and have gotten particularly close over the past few years….He is one of her best friends, and so Vicky wants to do all she can to support him through this fight.
Now Dave is a true warrior – the best fighter – and we are certain that there is no better contender to KO Terry than Dave. However, the cost of the fight is a lot because in addition to the conventional treatments Dave believes strongly (as do we),  in the power of alternative therapies. He believes in making his body as strong as he possibly can by following an organic diet (not cheap), by juice cleanses, reiki healing, meditation and a whole range of supplements – the list of supplements is ridiculously long and costly – but he needs them!!!
We want to raise As much money as we can to help to ease that Financial burden.
So because Dave is a true warrior, our event needs to embrace the warrior spirit in all of us….so this is what we came up with: #yogahardoryagohome
So you can do ALL of the classes – a number of you have already said you are up for the challenge – obviously Vicky and lee will be! Get sponsored and/or donate for the marathon event!
Drop in for 1,2,3,4etc etc classes and pay a donation and/or get sponsored for however any classes you wish to do.
Can’t make it? It’s fine you can still donate and/or sponsor Vicky and Lee who will be taking part and/or teaching all the classes.

So let us know if are coming and what classes you wish to take part in so we can book you in.


Timetable6.30-7 Spin – Vicky (#onyabike)
7.15 – 7.45 Insanity – Vicky (#traininsane)
8- 9 Yoga sculpt – Vicky (#bendy&buff)
9 – 9.30 BREAK (#eatsleepraverepeat)
9.30- 10.30 FUNKY BUDDHA – Vicky (#uptownfunkybuddha)
10.30- 11 – BREAK/TRX – lee (#coreorcrash)
11- 12 – Ashtanga – Faye (#floatawaywithfaye)
12-1230 – BREAK/SPIN – Vicky (#nevercoast)
2.30-1.30 Simply Yoga – Camilla (#blissfulbending)
1.45 -2.45 Sunday stretch – Saeed (#stretch&sweat)
2.45-3.15 TRX YOGA/break – lee (#coreorcrash)
3-4 Dance yoga fusion – Nicky (#dancelikenobodyswatching)
4.15 – 5 – Pilates – Vicky (#absaliscious)
5-5.30 – BREAK (#eatsleepraverepeat)
5.30 – 6.15 – BoxingYoga – lee (#bendyboxers)
6.30- 7.15 – fusion – Vicky (#fiercelyflexible)
7.30- 8.15 – vibes yoga – Vicky (#flowandflex)
8.15- 9 deep stretch relax and restore – Vicky (#shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhwedidit)
dave bolton